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Slow down with Yin Yoga

Today, we live a world driven by sheer speed, intensity and aggression; a world which lacks kindness and connection to ourselves, those around us and our environment. We are wired to turn on our “doing” mode to the extent that we forget the existence of our “being” mode. Most of us forget how to just be, to be human. When our two modes of operation are out of balance, it creates undue stress and pressure on our body and mind, affecting how we think, feel and act.

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As someone who have spent more than 2 decades in the corporate world, I know well the trials and tribulations in the workplace, the heightened stress and challenges we face everyday. For I too have suffered the sleepless nights, depression and anxiety, and just the fast paced intensity in an alpha-type dominated environment.

The point is we need to be smart and invest our time to relax and slow down before the accumulated stress takes a serious toll on our body and mind. It is important that we don’t ignore signals our body send us (e.g. tensed shoulders, tight neck, indigestion), and that we make a conscious decision to invest time and energy to take care of our body and mind. If we do not manage this stress, it may turn into a burnt out, and disease and illness may result.

There is an urgent need to slow down. Slowing down benefits our physical and mental health. Slowing down involves the willingness to drop the speed on all levels: how we breathe, act, speak and think.

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It simply means to pause and allow space within and without us. When we slow down, we are creating conditions to nourish and balance our nervous system which is under constant stress from our flight and fright response. We are human beings and not machines, and we operate on a constant cycle of spending and renewing energy. Hence if we do rest enough, we are depriving our body the chance to renew and reset.

There are many ways to slow down and Yin Yoga is one of the most effective ways.

Yin Yoga is a science. It is also an attitude and an art of living. In contrast to the dynamic Yang practices aimed to strengthen our muscles (“yang tissues”), Yin Yoga involves long-held, deep postures, harmonises the Qi in our bodies, hydrates and relaxes our deeper fascia tissues and joints (“yin tissues”).

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Yin Yoga benefits us at all levels – physical, mental and emotional:

  • Increases our range of motion and flexibility especially in large and stubborn muscles
  • Increases hydration and detoxification of pathogens
  • Increases collagen production in our fascia, bones, tissues, ligaments and tendons
  • Reduces adhesion in our fascia gliding surface
  • Boosts joints, bones and spine health
  • Harmonises the flow of Qi in our body
  • Balances our nervous system so we are calmer
  • Inner peace.

So my invitation is for you to slow down, and try marinating in a Yin class and find out for yourself!

May Lim, Healer & Teacher, Founder: Heal with May


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