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Roses have been used since the Ancient Romans and Greek days. During the middle ages, roses were introduced to Europe. The French initially used it to make floral water, but its medicinal uses were also being discovered. 

It takes 5 tonnes of roses to make 1 kg of rose essential oil, that’s why this oil is probably the most expensive essential oil available. 

Rose Damascena (R. damascena, originally from Syria) is the most commonly used rose to make essential oil for its therapeutic properties. Most rose oils are produced in Bulgaria, where they will steam distill the roses to make an otto or attar of roses.

The most common uses of rose oil includes: balance skin’s moisture, reduce dark marks and imperfections, improve circulation, boost immune system, treat acne, balance hormones and reduce anxiety and treat depression through its uplifting smell. 

Do note that rosehip oils are not the same thing. Rosehip oil is derived from the fruits of rosa rubiginosa, rosa moschata or rosa canina bushes, creating a vitamin and mineral rich oil, and used as a carrier oil. 

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