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How To Defy Ageing

In these modern times, we abuse our body with unprecedented levels of toxins, nutritional incompatibilities and stress, all of which contribute to faster ageing. The

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New Year New You

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful break with your family and loved ones. Whether you went away on a holiday, or

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Why we lose hair

We all have our hair in different ways – long, short, straight, wavy, different colours. It is probably the first thing you will notice when

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Perils of sugar

中文版本在後 “Sugar and spice and all things nice”. This was my first memory of sugary foods, and my personal weakness is chocolate ice cream. As

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Our Diet and Skin Health

The phrase “you are what you eat” is literally true. The nutrients we absorb through the
food we eat is fundamental in the health of our skin and all the fabrics of our inner body.

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Read the Label!

I confess to be a “bottle” addict, and used to spend hours on hand at pharmacies looking at products. More often than not, I would

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This Baby is Born

After months of hard work, I am so pleased to see GLOHS officially launched. Besides the mission of offering high quality skincare products to clients,

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