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Eating mindfully

Yes, I want to eat mindfully every day! But how?

By Saffie Ng Our new social challenges of lockdown, global solidarity and beyond, drive us to seek ways to cope with waves of intense emotions. We shop, feast on a private mountain of potato chips, binge-watch Netflix, deep dive into virtual worlds… Unconsciously, we do everything to avoid discomfort and engage our spiritual and emotional …

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5 Hormones that Have a Big Effect on Women’s Health

By Janice Leong  Every part of your body starting from the brain to the skin, kidneys, muscles, and heart have a definite function. It is the endocrine system that gives them direction to work. The endocrine system glands send out hormones, which are responsible for telling every part of your body what to do, the …

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A photo of milk

The Milky Truth: Is Dairy Good or Bad?

Milk has been in human’s diets for thousands of years. Milk is also available to animal infants through their mothers. However, #funfact, humans are the only species that continue to drink milk in adulthood. So, should we or shouldn’t we? Calorie for calorie, cow’s milk is in fact pretty nutritious. A cup of milk (237ml) …

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Feeling Down or Depressed? Take This One Mineral

By Ryan Charem 1 Mineral, 800 Processes. By now, everybody has heard of magnesium, but hardly anyone I meet knows how essential this mineral is.  If I told you it’s responsible for over 700-800 processes that run vital metabolic processes in the body, it probably wouldn’t mean anything. That’s okay. Famous Astrophysicist Carl Sagan once …

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Wrinkles: The Demon of Ageing

Wrinkles are an inevitable by-product of the aging process. As we age, our skin cells regenerate more slowly, and the dermis (middle layer) becomes thinner. The dermis layer is comprised of elastin and collagen fibres, which offers support and elasticity. As this network unravels with time, coupled with lower abilities to retain moisture, secrete oil …

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How Do Vitamins Affect Your Hormones and Mood

By Janice Leong Like any other person, sometimes you may experience nervousness, anxiety, and depression. Fluctuating emotions are usual human being encounters. The magnitude of emotion fluctuations can affect your hormones and mood, impacting to the overall wellness. Your body can be profoundly influenced, thus affecting the activities taking place in your mind and inside your …

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Fascia Fascia Health – By May Lim Fascia Health is the new paradigm of health. The discovery of the human fascia system in the past 50 years is one of the greatest discoveries in anatomy which changes the way we look at our body. “For several hundred years, anatomists and surgeons like me have neglected …

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很多女孩喜歡用年齡界限自己, 尤其是結婚生子。 25歲、30歲、35歲, 因為某些數字迫近而心急如焚, 一步一步地降低要求, 由尋找一段可以白頭到老的真心相愛, 淪落至只需要找一個可以給自己愛的人。 小時候,我們都夢想當白雪公主、睡美人、灰姑娘, 期盼終有一日王子會帶我們走進宏偉的城堡,然後永遠過著幸福快樂的生活。 長大後,現實告訴了我們童話只是童話, 現在只希望找到一個可以愛我的人。 後來,又發現原來找到「「給我愛的人」,很難。 在愛情裡,因為渴望被愛, 我們如履薄冰,深怕他會突然變心。 我們耗盡力氣地討好,只希望他能關注我們多一點。 我們變得卑微,希望他能夠再愛我們一次。 可是現實再一次狠狠地打擊了我們, 他不愛/不再愛我。 我們從小被渲染女孩子需要被保護、被照顧、被愛, 於是急於找到「被愛」,而忽略了自己。 其實「分開」是結束,選是解脫和機會。 試想我們再也不用步步驚心,逢迎討好,折腰屈膝,掙扎於一個死胡同中求存。 而是藉此可以重整旗鼓,以全新的面貌迎接未來,走出一條截然不同的康莊大道。 珍惜單身的日子裡,我們的心終究可以空閒下來,看清楚自己。 重新審視自己的過去,調整現在的生活,實現自己真正想要的未來。 最後,我們會發現原來「愛」一直在原點,等待我們去發掘。 與其等待別人給的「被愛」,不如先學會「愛自己」。 眾裡尋他千百度,驀然回首,那人卻在,燈火闌珊處。  More to explore

Joint Pain – what you need to know

中文版本在後 Joints are where our body and bones meet. The joints allow bones of the skeleton to move. The major joints in our body are: Shoulders Hips Elbows Knees Typically, when we feel joint pain, we will experience discomfort, aches and soreness. One in three adults experience joint pain now. However, there are many causes …

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